Senior Minister

  • Rev. Max Grubb
    Rev. Max Grubb
  • Rev. Rodney Degroot & Rev. Max working a Rummage Sale
  • Last service at 1400 N. 10th
  • Services on The Promise trip
  • Patty Barrett & Rev. Max welcoming Joyce Barnett into the church.
  • Easter Sunday
  • Leading a retreat.

Proud to have a pastor that is uniquely qualified to lead our congregation, Max came to the ministry later in life, having had successful careers in business, financial management, marketing and as a Chamber of Commerce Executive in three separate cities.┬áHe is involved in community groups relative to our church’s mission in the community.Max is a proud graduate of the Brite Divinity Seminary of Texas Christian University with a Master of Divinity degree in Theological and Ministerial Studies. He is a dedicated “Horned Frog” fan.

Max’s career and personal experiences keep him in tune with “Life on life’s terms.” Although he is a avid reader, he does not have to read a book or take a class to know the difficulties people experience. Max continues to apply his background to counsel others and help them deal with a dysfunctional family life, divorce, the death of a loved one and even alcoholism in the family.

He is a pastor in the true sense that Jesus intended, treating people with compassion and confidence, but challenging them to move forward and back into a healthy life. Those life experiences also serve to fill Max’s sermons with wonderful and meaningful stories. People can really get the point and many comment they feel he is speaking directly to them. His emphasis is to always present the message of the Gospel in a way that people don’t normally think. This keeps the Good News fresh, thought provoking and interesting.

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